A workforce strategy is a form of asset management, the sum of actions taken to acquire, retain, develop, motivate and deploy human capital in the service of an organisation’s mission. This asset-based (i.e. treating people as an asset) approach is more than a suite of HR policies, talent management, succession planning and workforce planning (supply and demand forecasting), ad hoc HR initiatives, etc. It’s a whole-of-workforce plan that extends over the employment life cycle. “

Australian HR Institute News Site (2016)

The Workforce Review Tool

This website has been developed for organisations working in the community services industry to promote a framework that assists with workforce planning and development.

This Workforce Review Tool offers you the opportunity to assess your organisation’s approach to capacity building within workforce planning and development.  The aim of the review is to assist you to identify where your priorities and areas of capacity development are in four domains, including strategic planning, operational planning, organisational development and the employee lifecycle.

The Domains

Workforce planning and development reaches across a range of interlinked people and culture (HR) domains. For this Workforce Review Tool, we have structured the process across four key domains:

1. Strategic Planning Domain

2. Operational Planning Domain

3. Organisational Development Domain

4. Employee Lifecycle Domain

Each domain has a brief description and a short explanatory video to assist you choose your most relevant review options. This will also assist you select the domain(s) which are most relevant for your workplace.

Strategic Planning

Operational Planning Domain

The Organisational Development

The Employee Lifecycle Domain

Two considerations

When reviewing your organisation across the four domains, you will be prompted to consider two factors: (1) your practice and (2) your documentation/systems. At times we develop a practice but have no documentation or systems in place to support our way of working. Other times we develop systems and produce documents, but the practice has not developed. What needs attention or development will vary, depending on your organisation’s size, maturity, and context. You will find a key at the beginning and throughout the review tool so that you can consider both factors.


Start your review

The Tool

This review tool will assist you identify what you need to consider, and act on, across the four domains. What you choose to develop will depend on your organisation’s size, maturity, strategy, and context.

The aim of this assessment is for you to better identify where your priorities and areas of development are regarding workforce planning.

The Tool focuses on people and culture (HR) practices, systems and documentations, and does not cover other aspects such as financial, business and information technology components.

Important Information

The data collected through this tool is anonymous. You will have a log in that is unique to you. The data will only assist us in identifying emerging themes and help inform where the project team need to focus their attention in the life of the project\s.

Review processes can be hard and undertaking this process may feel overwhelming. If you feel that way, focus on what is already in place and acknowledge your achievements. Try to avoid only focusing on what is missing or needs further development.